My most favorite Colorado elopement

Although it wasn't always our plan to elope (thanks Covid-19), we're so happy we did. It really allowed my husband and I to focus on what we wanted to celebrate our love and commitment to each other, and also opened up the possibility to any location we wanted too! Photography was really important for us (especially me as a photographer), so finding the best location for elopement photos was on the top of the list.

Once we realized the Colorado wedding we had initially planned wasn't an option anymore with the rise of Covid, we decided to pivot and still get married on our own. We talked about it a lot, and ultimately decided it was what we wanted to do. We are lucky enough to live in the Colorado mountains, and had lots of time to explore different locations and find the perfect, most scenic location. It really was the best!

Since we decided it was just going to be us (and doggies), our officiant, and a musician to play us some music for dancing- we didn't need much space or large area to make this happen. We ended up scoping out a beautiful day use area surrounded by water and mountains.

As a wedding and elopement photographer myself, photos were one of the most important things for me to focus on with our Colorado mountain elopement. We decided on an early evening (small and short) ceremony for that "golden hour" lighting over the mountains.

Nestled between the lakes, we danced to acoustic guitar music while the sun was setting over the mountains. We popped champagne, laughed, and took in the beautiful scenery around us.

And of course we had to have our doggies there with us! I love animals and think they are so sweet to include in your wedding photos.

We signed our marriage license as the sun went down on- Colorado is a self officiating state, but we still asked our officiant and musician to sign as witnesses.

I loved doing this much, it really made me fall in love with elopements as a photographer even more. I love a traditional wedding too, but there sure is something special about a beautiful elopement to celebrate love. It was the best to scout for locations to find the gorgeous place, which was so perfect for mountain photos in Colorado.

Do you love this background and scenery too? Love the idea of a Colorado elopement, wedding or photo session? Let's get in touch and I can help plan your perfect day with you.

All our photos here were taken by photographer Celia Miller, a local Colorado photographer. I was extremely lucky to find her, and truly love our photos from this day SO much!

Although I'm a Vail Colorado mountain based wedding, elopement and couples photographer, I am always happy to travel within this beautiful state to get the best locations and moments for my couples. There are so many stunning, beautiful and cute ways to capture your special day, and I am always happy to help plan how to elope in Colorado, and find the best places to elope in Colorado! I also offer Colorado mountain family photos, the best place to capture family memories together.